Read this and you, too, can make the best burger you have ever eaten. The secret is not a secret at all, but a new version of the old favorite. I truly do not like most burgers. They are boring and have absolutely no taste. Even if you cook the burger rare it still is Blah. I thought about this for a very long time and decided I was going to try to make the most tasty burger but to do that you have to use tasty meat. You can’t get a flavorful burger by using just plain old ground chuck or ground sirloin. Chuck is tasteless and sirloin is dry. Even mixing the two doesn’t do justice to the burger.

Here is my solution: 50% ground chuck and 50% ground short rib. You read that right – Short Rib. You will not believe your mouth when you bite into a burger mixed with this combo.

I had the butcher take the bone off the short ribs and asked him to grind it for hamburger and to give me the same amount of ground chuck as the ground short rib. The result was the tastiest burger I have ever had. You could cook this well done and it will taste awesome.

Cook your burger the way you like – grilled, pan seared, on the griddle, broiled. It doesn’t matter. It will make your mouth scream with pleasure.

I am a purest when it comes to what to put on my burger. I really don’t like to have a burger with so much stuff on it that it sits 8 inches high and it is piled with every condiment you can think of. You can’t even taste the burger and believe me you will want to taste the burger if it is half chuck and half short rib. PLUS, the most annoying thing for me is to have to eat a burger with a fork and knife because it is too messy to eat it the way it was meant: On the bun and in your hands.

Hamburger Heaven

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