Bratwurst Steamed in Beer

My favorite way to cook Bratwurst is to grill them and then steam the sausages in the beer. Tonight I am cooking the brats on the stove top until brown all around and then steaming. Either way they are delicious.

Serves 6

6          Fresh Bratwurst

1          Tablespoon Unsalted Butter

1          Tablespoon Vegetable Oil

2          Bottles German Beer

1          Teaspoon Caraway Seed

1          Teaspoon Yellow Mustard Seed

½         Teaspoon Paprika

1          Bay Leaf

In a sauté pan heat the butter and oil. Add the Bratwurst and brown on all sided. Add the beer, caraway seeds, mustard seeds paprika and bay leaf. Turn the heat down to a simmer and steam the brats for 45 minutes.

Remove the Brats from the beer before serving.

Hints and Tips: Try grilling the Brats instead of cooking on the stovetop.

You might want to have more than one per person for the big eaters.