Peach and Blueberry Clafouti

A Clafouti is a simple custard and fruit pudding like dessert. Super easy since there is no crust to deal with and it is delicate and delicious. I like to keep the skin on the peaches because it adds a bit more flavor and, besides, most of the skin will melt away. This is a dessert that can be made at the last minute without any fuss.

1          Tablespoon Melted Unsalted Butter

1          Tablespoon Granulated Sugar

3          Medium Size Peaches, Sliced Into Wedges

1          Cup Fresh Blueberries

½         Cup Granulated Sugar

1          Tablespoon Lavender Sugar (Optional)

6         Tablespoons All-Purpose Flour

½         Teaspoon Fine Sea Salt

1/4         Teaspoon Freshly Grated Nutmeg

3          Large Eggs

1½      Cups Heavy Cream

1          Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

Preheat oven to 375°. Brush a 10” ceramic or glass baking dish with the melted butter and sprinkle the 1 tablespoon granulated sugar evenly in the dish.

Arrange the peaches in a concentric circle on the bottom of the dish and distribute the blueberries evenly over the peaches.

In a small bowl combine the ½ cup granulated sugar, Lavender sugar, flour, sea salt and nutmeg.

In the bowl of a standing mixer beat the eggs until light and fluffy. With the mixer speed on low, gradually add sugar/flour mixture and heavy cream in thirds, beginning and ending with the sugar/flour mixture and mix until completely incorporated. Gently blend in the vanilla.

Pour the mixture over the peaches and blueberries and bake for 40 minutes, until the custard is firm and has taken on a light golden color.

Serve warm or at room temperature.

Peach and Blueberry Clafouti

2 Responses to Peach and Blueberry Clafouti

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  2. Jodie Townsend says:

    Camille this clafouti looks amazing and even better the recipe sounds so easy.
    I am going bake this clafouti this weekend!

    Thanks as always for sharing and I can’t wait to taste this 🙂
    I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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