Savory Cheese Torte

2          8-Ounce Packages Cream Cheese, Room Temperature

½         Cup White Cheddar Cheese, Finely Shredded

½         Cup Yellow Cheddar Cheese, Finely Shredded

3          Scallion with Green Tops, Finely Chopped

3          Cloves Roasted Garlic, Finely Minced

½         Cup Mango Chutney, Major Grey Original or Homemade Mango Chutney

2          Cups Toasted Sliced Almonds or Toasted Chopped Pecans

Line a small (6”) springform pan with plastic wrap leaving several inches overlapping the sides.

In the mixing bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment cream the cream cheese until softened and fluffy. Add all the ingredients and beat on medium high until well combined.

Scoop into the prepared pan and smooth the top with an off–set spatula. Bring the overlapping plastic wrap up onto the top of the cheese mixture to cover completely.

Refrigerate for at least 8 hours or overnight to set up. Once set up pull back the plastic wrap and remove the springform pan ring. Invert torte onto serving platter and remove plastic wrap. Evenly place toasted almonds or toasted pecans on the side and top of the torte gently pressing the nuts into the sides and top.

Server the torte with crackers, toasted crostini, veggies, tortilla chips, etc.